Tha Candid Queen! Take a look through the lens into the life of XODOHTRONU


(Read this or I'll punch you in the throat!)

Every photo tells its own story... Take a peek into the tale of XODOHTRONU. I capture vibes, not perfection. I believe in sharing authentic moments as they were shot & dislike editing photos! Taking the vibe back to disposable and film cameras in the 90s! You know, the ones you took on field trips n shit, what you shot is what you get! My shooting style is the digital version of that, VERY unorthodox! I loooooove a good blurry ass pic taken on a LIT night jumping around in the middle of the dance floor!! ...I believe every shot is perfect whether it's overexposed, underexposed, blurry, out of composition, a close-up of someone's elbow or an off guard with your mouth wide open! The imperfections are what truly make us…us. Sometimes random people ask to take my camera to shoot, & I usually let them, therefore, some albums are co-creations with other humans who were in the room!  (Love that btw) These photos were shared as an archive for you to enjoy and remember the moment. Steal & edit them as you wish or leave them as is. If you see a photo of yourself you ABSOLUTELY HATE, DM or email me! (IG- @XODOHTRONU OR I will immediately take steps to remove it out of respect for your privacy and likeness. Thanks for vibing out with XODOHTRONU.

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