Take a look through my lens and into my life with my most recent photos.


XODOHTRONU dislikes editing photos! What we shot is what you get. We believe over editing photos takes away from the authenticity of the moment. We like to capture moments as they’re shot without the stigma of deleting or FIXING those that don’t “look good enough”. Most people who take photos never show their “mistakes”. The photos classified as mistakes are usually locked away on a memory card forever for nobody to see. We believe every shot is perfect whether it's blurry, overexposed, underexposed, out of composition or someone's eyes just happened to be closed! The imperfections are what truly make us…us. These photos were shared for you to enjoy. Steal & edit them as you wish or leave them as is. If you see a photo of yourself ABSOLUTELY HATE, email us! (xodohtronu@yahoo.com) We will take steps to remove it out of respect for your privacy and likeness. Thanks for vibing out with XODOHTRONU.

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